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GCE O-Level

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to:

  • speak and write in internationally acceptable English
  • respond, in speech or writing, to a variety of written, spoken and visual texts
  • speak, read aloud and write to suit purpose, audience and context
  • speak and write using appropriate register and tone
  • speak and write clearly, effectively, relevantly and coherently
  • plan, organise and show development of ideas
  • use varied sentence structures and a wide and appropriate vocabulary with clarity and precision
  • use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • show understanding of a variety of written, spoken and visual texts at the literal, inferential and evaluative levels
  • show understanding of how the use of language achieves purpose and impact
  • identify main ideas and details in written, spoken and visual texts
  • synthesise, summarise and organise information
  • read aloud a given text with accurate pronunciation and clear articulation
  • read aloud a given text fluently with appropriate variations in voice qualities, i.e. pace, volume, tone and stress.